Established in 1999, AIP Foundation has offices and operations in Cambodia, China, Thailand, and Vietnam and programming in Myanmar. They work in partnership with local governments and communities around the world to improve road safety through their ‘five gears’ model, with each component valuable independently but most effective when implemented in coordination with one another.

  • Targeted education: Tailored road safety education program.
  • Access to safe equipment: Direct provision of road safety tools.
  • Communications for change: Public awareness and behaviour change campaigns.
  • Global and legislative advocacy: Development and enforcement of traffic standards and laws.
  • Research, monitoring, and evaluation: Evidence for programs, policy change, and best practices.

Norfolk Hotel is proud to partner with AIP Foundation to create a special corner that promotes the importance of using helmets during public transport. Drop by our Vespa corner on the ground floor of Norfolk Hotel to find more information and take some interesting photos together!